Creative Writing

If Only For A Moment

If only for a moment

I could see who you are. 

Undress your clothes and see your scars

Let our feelings flow.

From songs to poems the intertwining of souls


If only for a moment

We could stare in each other eyes

The reflection of ourselves without any disguise

Holding you in my arms you begin to see

That there is nothing to hide from yourself or me


If only for a moment
I could tell you what it all means

Why the stars aligned and you are here with me

What we are to do with this life we share

A tale of love and loss for all those we care


If only for a moment

I could tell you it will all be okay

Close your eyes we’ll make it through the day

Caressing your neck

Kissing your lips



I relinquish my grip

Allowing you to sail alone,

Completely adrift.

Your eyes disappear in the night

And with it, the light from life


My soul starts to shrivel and cry

Becoming only bitter and dry

If I only had a moment to say

I love you and good-bye

If only for a moment

Our love could survive…

Creative Writing

Finally Free

Without you,

I feel empty. 

A hollow heart,

That is barely beating. 

Cold and motionless,

My body aches from the chill. 

This world full of color,

Has turned to a dull grey. 

As my body slowly ages,

And I soon turn to ash. 

Finally I am free,

Free from my loneliness. 

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Marriage Tip #3 – Compromise

Every couple comes to a point when both want different things. When we reach that point, we have three options:

  1. Argue your point and why it’s better
  2. Give in to what your partner wants
  3. Both of you compromise

To come to a compromise, both parties need to be willing to work together. It takes an open mind to consider the possibilities and self-sacrifice if you want to please your partner. Below are some basic steps to reaching a compromise:

  1. Start with the right tone. Don’t come off attacking or irritated. 
  2. Find a common ground. Don’t focus on what you and your partner disagree on but what areas you are similar. 
  3. Brainstorm some new ideas for you and your partner to decide on. 
  4. Be willing to change your mind. Sometimes changing your mind becomes the best decision and you love what you thought you never would. 

Some examples from my own life now to show areas where either my husband or myself has made a compromise. Let me first explain that me and my husband are complete opposites but we complement each other very well. 

  1. We have different tastes in music. I couldn’t stand his so he gave mine a chance. Now he loves the same music so there are no issues. 
  2. My husband loves computer games and I’m usually too busy to play them or care for them. He waits until the kids are asleep to play so he’s not leaving me when I need his help or want to get out. And I make sure to get the kids to bed early enough so he has time to play. 
  3. I love taking pictures of the things I love but always end up missing from them. My husband hates being in pictures. So he will ask others to take the picture for us so I am in them and he gets passed his annoyance of photos so I am happy with the photos we got. 
  4. My husband alway leaves his clothes in the bathroom and I used to continually ask him to bring it back to the room and put in a basket. Now we have a small clothes hamper in the bathroom and that’s pretty much always his clothes so no pre sorting. 

I know there are probably more but I can’t think of many cuz we have always found a solution. 

So, my advice to you is, don’t be so hardheaded that you won’t give the other persons perspective a chance but don’t be too passive that you become someone you’re not. 

Let me know in the comments of this helped you or seems to be true or not for you. 😊

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Pokemon Go

As many people may already know the smart phone game, Pokemon Go, has come out recently and tons of people are jumping right into the game. I won’t deny it either, I totally have been playing it too. 

It’s very simple and easy to play but a little confusing considering there are no clear directions of how to play the game. 

I’m no pro but here are the few tips I have if you are gonna play and some basic info on gameplay. 

When you start out, three Pokemon pop up on the screen for you to choose from. Move away from them 3 times and the fourth time they resurface, Pikachu is in the selection options. 

Your main objective at the start is just collect Pokemon. Once you reach level 5, the real game begins. That is when you choose a team – red, blue or yellow. The team you choose has no effect on your game play. It just separates people so they have opponents. Then you’ll want to join a gym to gain items over time.

At a teammates gym, you will fight other Pokemon to train yours and make the gym stronger. When you duel other teams gyms, you are training yours and weakening their gym. 

Then there are these poke stops. They are at local landmarks, statues and even intersections. Here you can pick up more items for free. The turn over for another pick up is about 5 minutes. 

Once you have done these few steps, it’s all up to you on what you do next! 

Let me know if you have any other secrets or tips! And enjoy! 

Creative Writing

Letter To My Abuser

I still remember

That rainy, cold day

In late March.

A day that will forever

Haunt me.


I remember

Every heavy hand

That crossed my face.

The powerful fists

That cracked my bones.


I remember

The pain I felt

Pulsating through my body

As you forced me down

Against my will.


I remember

The fear

Of how far you might go

With all your rage.

As you threaten my life.


You have scarred

My life with so much pain.

A constant nightmare

That lingers in my mind.


So I write to you

As a reminder of all my pain.

You have left a mark

I will never


Never forget.


Fourth of July, 2016

Independence Day is one of my most favorite holidays due to the reason behind it. It is the day we, the United States of America, became our own independent country. I am extremely proud to call myself an American and because of what the forefathers did, we can enjoy “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” 

I think many people have lost that passion, that respect, and pride for representing the country they live in. It makes me sad to see that people don’t care to be patriotic and take for granted what this country stands for. Freedom! But we only have this freedom because of those who have served to protect this land. Loving this country means supporting our troops. 

Just look at the Declaration of Independence. John Hancock signed his name overly large out of pride for what this new country was standing for. 

So while we are all out enjoying the BBQ food, sun and the fireworks, we need to remember what it means to be proud of our country. Hope you all have a safe and wonderful Independence Day!


Simple Homemade Orange Chicken

As a mom, anything I can make that is quick, easy and not too unhealthy is a win for me. For when you are craving some orange chicken, this one hits the spot!

You only need 4 simple ingredients:

  • Boneless chicken breast
  • Bbq sauce
  • Orange marmalade
  • Soy sauce

This recipe serves 3-5 people. In one sauce pan, mix 1 cup bbq sauce, 1 cup sweet orange marmalade and 2 tablespoons of soy sauce together and let simmer. 

Then chop chicken breast to desired size and grill. Optional: you can coat with flour and water mixture to have a bit more breaded texture. 

Once all chopped, toss into simmering sauce and let simmer for about 5-10 minutes. 

Once it is done, you can serve as is or with a side of fried rice. 

Let me know if you enjoy this or have another recipe I should try! 😊