Fourth of July, 2016

Independence Day is one of my most favorite holidays due to the reason behind it. It is the day we, the United States of America, became our own independent country. I am extremely proud to call myself an American and because of what the forefathers did, we can enjoy “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” 

I think many people have lost that passion, that respect, and pride for representing the country they live in. It makes me sad to see that people don’t care to be patriotic and take for granted what this country stands for. Freedom! But we only have this freedom because of those who have served to protect this land. Loving this country means supporting our troops. 

Just look at the Declaration of Independence. John Hancock signed his name overly large out of pride for what this new country was standing for. 

So while we are all out enjoying the BBQ food, sun and the fireworks, we need to remember what it means to be proud of our country. Hope you all have a safe and wonderful Independence Day!