Creative Writing


Gentle winds beneath moonlit skies

Have you not heard my heartfelt cries?

Below the branches, way out hear

Can you not feel my pain and fear?

Near rushing creeks and quiet streams,

Listen for my saddened screams. 

Under an array of stars,

Do you not feel my jagged scars?

Quiet night, seek not my heart,

For simply … it has been torn apart.

Creative Writing

Only to Realize

Up in the mountains the wolf howls Loud enough to scare the owls 

No ones around to hear the cries, a faint shadow to a mans eyes. 

He looks up and down, side to side, to find his little girl no where in sight. He runs everywhere not trying to be a coward, following the screams which are becoming louder and louder. 

He stops to think this might be a dream, why would anyone wanna make my baby girl scream? 

He starts to panic, he starts to shake. To only realize he isn’t awake.

Creative Writing

If Only For A Moment

If only for a moment

I could see who you are. 

Undress your clothes and see your scars

Let our feelings flow.

From songs to poems the intertwining of souls


If only for a moment

We could stare in each other eyes

The reflection of ourselves without any disguise

Holding you in my arms you begin to see

That there is nothing to hide from yourself or me


If only for a moment
I could tell you what it all means

Why the stars aligned and you are here with me

What we are to do with this life we share

A tale of love and loss for all those we care


If only for a moment

I could tell you it will all be okay

Close your eyes we’ll make it through the day

Caressing your neck

Kissing your lips



I relinquish my grip

Allowing you to sail alone,

Completely adrift.

Your eyes disappear in the night

And with it, the light from life


My soul starts to shrivel and cry

Becoming only bitter and dry

If I only had a moment to say

I love you and good-bye

If only for a moment

Our love could survive…

Creative Writing

Letter To My Abuser

I still remember

That rainy, cold day

In late March.

A day that will forever

Haunt me.


I remember

Every heavy hand

That crossed my face.

The powerful fists

That cracked my bones.


I remember

The pain I felt

Pulsating through my body

As you forced me down

Against my will.


I remember

The fear

Of how far you might go

With all your rage.

As you threaten my life.


You have scarred

My life with so much pain.

A constant nightmare

That lingers in my mind.


So I write to you

As a reminder of all my pain.

You have left a mark

I will never


Never forget.