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Tips and Advice for Coping with PTSD

To conclude my series of PTSD Awareness Month, I’ve decided to write some tips for people dealing with PTSD – coping skills – and what you can do to help others with this issue by understanding components of PTSD. 

Part 1 – Dealing with PTSD

  1. Exercise – It will release endorphins and help you focus your thoughts. 
  2. Self soothe – Finding what calms you down will help when you really need to get back to what you were doing. 
  3. Connect – Find others who share the same struggle to connect with and help each other. 
  4. Self Care – Take time to relax, eat healthy, stay away from alcohol and drugs, get a good amount of sleep. 

Different things will help depending on what caused your PTSD. 

For abuse, writing out the whole traumatic experience will be difficult but is a great way to feel like you’ve moved past the event. 

For combat, connecting and seeking out some kind of counceling will help. Finding the right counselor is a big part of getting better. 

Part 2 – Supporting Someone with PTSD

  1. Don’t pressure – It can be difficult to express what exactly they are feeling or what they experienced. 
  2. Listen – Most of the time, someone dealing with PTSD need to talk about their issues. Help guide them with what to do by their cues. They may need to just talk about the event over and over again, other times they just need someone to hangout with that doesn’t pressure them. 
  3. Understand Triggers – This could include anniversary dates; people or places connected with the trauma; and even certain sights, sounds, or smells. By being aware of the triggers that may cause a reaction, you are better able to help and understand them. 
  4. It’s not Personal – Dont take certain behaviors personal like anger, irritatable or being closed off. Accept you may never fully understand what they are going through.
  5. Balance – Taking care of yourself and keeping a level head works wonders. Also, learning more about PTSD will help you to understand better. 

So I hope you can go out there and use these tips to help aid yourself or someone else deal with this issue. It can be difficult but with support and determination, you can accomplish a better life. 😊

Let me know if you found these to be helpful or if you have your own tip to add. Just comment below 👍

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Memorial Day 2016

Many forget the true purpose of Memorial Day and use it to party since it is a 3 day weekend. However, Memorial Day is a day to honor all fallen service men and women that have died to protect this country and our freedom. 

My family has been highly involved in the military over the years and it makes me proud knowing they have done so much to protect not only their family and freedom but that of complete strangers across the country. I would like to give a special thank you to both my great grandfathers for their involvement. They were wonderful men and played an important role in my life growing up. They were my heroes and will always be. 

As some of you may know, my husband served in Afghanistan for a few years. He is combat USMC veteran now. He has become such an amazing husband and father. 

For all the service men and women out there fighting for our freedom today, thank you. Without them, this country wouldn’t be what it is and many people take their freedom for granted. 

For all the fallen, thank you for your sacrifice. Your death has not been in vain and you will always be remembered. 

I hope everyone takes a minute today to be grateful for the risks our servicemen put themselves in to protect this great country. And remember the fallen for giving their all. 

Happy Memorial Day!!