Resolution Updates: Did I Stick to my New Year Goals?

Most people make new year resolutions but only 8% actually accomplish their goals. Since we are halfway through the year, I thought I’d see what I was able to accomplish thus far.


Last year , I didn’t do anything for fitness so I was hoping to add in at least walks to my daily routine. I have added walks to our daily lives and swimming a few times a week. As of now, I am on track to accomplish this one!

Eat Better

I went from frozen foods and quick, easy meals to more variety in my diet. I am definitely eating more greens and we make breakfast smoothies each morning with fruits and veggies. I have also cut out processed foods, not completely but like 90%.

Better Our Faith

We have gone to Sunday service every week unless we were deathly sick. I have been going to a women’s bible study and the kids go to a bible study once a week while I’m in my class. We have been more involved in the church too.

Write More/Read More

I don’t think I have written/read more but I think that’s because we have been getting out more as a family. So, I am okay with these not being accomplished.


We have gone to more local parks and beaches than before. So exploring our own backyard is the extent of our travels so far. I am hoping for more before the end of the year.

More Family Time vs Media Usage

By getting out more and doing more activities we have cut our media usage in half. We weren’t bad to begin with but now we really don’t spend any time watching tv or on our phones/ipads. It has really brought us together more as a family.

More Organization and Time Management

We put up an eight foot by six foot dry eraser board on our living room wall and have used it to organize things we need to get done. This has made it easier to tackle one task at a time together, rather than trying to deal with our “to-dos” separately.


Overall, I feel like my resolutions are a complete success at this point! I know I didn’t follow through with two of my goals but I’m ok with a 6/8.

Have you been able to keep your resolutions? Let me know!

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