Our Summertime Recap

School has started and everyone is getting back into their routines. Sports games, after school activities and homework.

I am still clinging to our summertime weather right now, so we are still going to the beach almost every day but that will eventually stop. So in the meantime, I just wanted to recap my summer with the kids with pictures.

Our summer was fun and amazing as simple as it was. I packed the kids up every morning and got down to the beach by 8am for coffee with my mom at Bear Coast Coffee and then we would cross the train tracks to the beach and set up by the lifeguard tower. We would spend most of our morning all hanging out at the beach with my mom and youngest brother.

At around 2pm, we would pack up and head home. It was great because we missed most of the really busy times from about 1-4pm. Plus, it wore the kids out so we had early bedtimes all summer long.

I am 100% a summer person so I was super excited that I was able to handle getting the kids to the beach everyday by myself. It may be tough getting out with kids but it is definitely possible 😉

What did you do this summer?? 😊

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