End of the School Year: Gift Baskets

As the school year comes to a close, parents and students are putting together gifts for their teachers. Some people go simple and easy by doing gift cards or even just a card. While others do flowers and candy.

Since my kids have been in the mild special needs programs for preschool, these teachers and aides go above and beyond the typical. Therefore, I try to make my gift baskets as thoughtful and unique as I can. I also try not to go broke at the same time 😋

So, here are some simple Ideas of things to put in your gift baskets that won’t cost you a fortune and how my baskets turned out!


So before you start, decide on a theme. Whether that is a color theme or product theme.

  • Color theme – Everything in basket is one color
  • Product theme – All snacks or all picnic items. I’ve even done pamper baskets

Items – Cost and where to get them

    $5 Tumblers – I usually go for bright summertime cups at either Michaels or Walmart
    $1 Snacks and candy – As long as you pick and choose, the 99 cent store has some decent items
    $1 Air fresheners – Target/Walmart
    $1 Hand soap – Target/Walmart or even the 99 cent store
    $1 Drinks – 99 cent store
    $1 Face and Hair Masks – Target and Walmart
    $1 Chapsticks – 99 cent stores
  • $5 Hand Towel Bundle – Target

Now for the bigger gift baskets, I did spend a little more for them.

  • $10 Cleaning Supplies – Target; I got all purpose cleaner, dish soap, and hand sanitizer for two baskets
  • $15 Shaving Supplies – Razor and shaving cream

So, if you don’t know what to get or do for your teacher, I hope some of these ideas and example are useful 😊

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