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Flashback Friday #3 – Family Resemblance

As we get older we start to notice resemblances we share with certain family members, whether or not we like it. Scrolling through photos on my phone, I realized how much Leo and I look like my mom and me when I was younger. 

Here is a photo of my mom and me. She is about 23 and I am about 3 years old. 

Now here is a photo of Leo and I today. I’m 25 and he is 2 1/2. 

It’s crazy seeing how much I have become to look like my mom and how I can look at my own son and see so much of me as a child. He is my mini twin. It is crazy to think, this little man is my baby and looks so much like but is his own person. 

Above is a photo of me on the left and Leo on the right. 

Leo may look like me but his personality it completely different from mine. We only share small characteristics. I love my family and wouldn’t want it any other way. I think it’s amazing to see genetics at work in a families resemblance to each other. 

Let me know if you or another family member share some major resemblances. And let me know what you think of the above photos πŸ˜‰

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Flashback Friday #2 – Childhood Before Technological Integration

Since I’ve got two little ones of my own, I am amazed at how much they understand and crave technology. Kids today are growing up in a completely different way with technology at their fingertips. Everywhere you go, kids on iPads, iPhones and they know how to use them better than most adults! It’s frightening

When I was growing up, some technology was becoming popular but not common. For fun we would go outside and play games or pass a ball around or go exploring our town with friends. Today, kids watch others on youtube, chat with complete strangers over messaging apps and would rather browse Facebook than go socialize in the real world. 

I watch my own children and I can see how easy it is to let them get absorbed into technology. It keeps them busy and makes getting things done with kids easier. But at the same time, they have an attachment to the devices and throw the biggest tantrums when they are taken away. With that being said, I’ve been really trying to get them to experience some of the same thing I did as a kid but that means no iPad aka no life source. 

I remember the good days when we would build forts out of anything and everything we could find, we actually spent time engaging with our friends when we hung out with them, we would wander our town looking for an adventure, we made up the most absurd games or activities to entertain ourselves and nobody had to worry about anyone recording you when you acted crazy or funny. We traded cards and most games were made out of paper. 

I know I can’t stop the way things are but I hope to instill some sense of adventure and curiousity for life outside of the Internet. 

If any of y’all have some good memories of childhood before the Internet, comment below with your favorite ones! πŸ˜‹

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Flashback Friday #1 – 90’s Toys & Candy

Today, my family and I were all reminiscing our memories of the 90’s and it really made me feel old. Our main talk was of the toys and candy that we don’t see around much now. I was born in 1990 so I lived through all the 90’s but I was still young. A lot happened in the 90s, way too much for me to write about it all; so I narrowed the topic down to toys I think represent the 90s and candy you don’t see too much anymore. Hope y’all enjoy the memories!
Here are my top 5 toys from the 90s:

1. View Master – I loved getting the small reels with Disney characters on them and just scanning through them as we drove to visit family. 

2. Super Nintendo- I was homeschooled so we played this all the time, my mom even played with us. Some of my favorite games were Donkey Kong of course, Aladdin, Star Fox, Space Invaders, Zelda and Super Mario World.

3. Nintendo 64 – This was the newest Nintendo system and my family really got into this with family night being teams battling against each other in whichever game we chose. Just to name a few we played: Donkey Kong, Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, Golden Eye 007 and Mario Party. 

4. Tamagotchi or Giga Pets – If you didn’t have one of these growing up in the 90s, you missed out. Everyone I knew had one and we had them linked up with our backpacks. I personally had a gigapet and I loved it. Eventually I got tired of cleaning up the digital dog poop and giving him a bath. Now my gigapet sits in a save box in storage as a fond memory. 

5. Pogs – Everyone collected these and traded them when I was a kid. They have tons of different images on them. I mainly had Disney or cartoon ones. I collected so many until they banned them in schools and all my friends stopped playing. 

I definitely have a longer list of my top favorite candies but I’ll try and keep it short for you πŸ˜‹ I also included some snacks because they are too good to forget.

1. Dunkaroos – These were every kids’ favorite snack. Graham crackers with frosting to dip them in, it could get any better than that! Unfortunately, a whole generation had to grow up without these amazing treats in their lunchbox since they were discontinued. 

2. Ring Pops – If you didn’t use a Ring Pop in a mock wedding ceremony, you weren’t doing it right. 

3. Fruit Stripe Gum – Not only did Fruit Stripe Gum step it up in the food-coloring department, but each stick also came with a temporary tattoo. 

4. Ouch Bubble Gum – Candy in the ’90s just seemed so much more fun. Like gum that looked like fun band-aids.

5. Those powder filled plastic fruit – I was obsessed with these and would eat these when I was watching Dexters Lab

6. Bubble Jug – This was good but you never seemed to have enough and would eat the whole thing in one sitting. 

7. Candy Lipstick – My sister and I would always use these during pretend but we couldn’t resist and they would be gone by the end. 
I know I missed a bunch of other good ones but I don’t want this post to be rediculously long so I could only do some of my top favorites. I hope y’all enjoyed taking a stroll down memory lane!

Comment below with your favorites 😜

Until next time, Cloe πŸ’œ