Vidcon 2016

I haven’t written in a few days because I was attending Vidcon 2016. It has been two years since I attended but this year my husband was able to watch the kids. I was able to see my brother for some of his appearances and he had gotten me a full access pass. This pass meant I was able to go wherever I pleased including backstage, eat and drink for free and skip lines. 

Siblings: Mia, Sam and myself

I was able to meet a few people and hangout with my brother and his friends. It was a busy day of talking to companies, brands and influencers. I had a wonderful time and met amazing people from all over. Can’t wait for next year!

Below are some of the people I was able to meet and hangout with. 

with @glozell
with @amymarie
with @brodiesmith21 and my brother levi
with @jennamarbles
@rickydillon, @andrearussett, myself and my brother levi
myself with @maxnosleeves

But as always, my family is a crazy bunch so we have our own set of photos 😋

If you’d like to share an experience or just have something to say, comment below! 😊

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